Abitalia South Coast are the official dealers of Novamobili Furniture and are based in Poole, Dorset. Novamobili design furniture solutions that are big on ergonomics and function, characterised by design that serves engine needs and stands the test of time. Novamobili focuses special attention on enhancing rooms that people occupy every day. Novamobili stands out in the furniture world for their modular systems, setting out to inspire personal concepts of domestic life by designing furniture that rewrites the rule book so that we can build spaces around the objects we want to have near. Their into materials and an uncompromising focus on comfort combine to produce items of furniture capable of shaping new home interiors. Novamobili employ environmentally compatible materials which is their eco-friendly contribution to saving both our local and wider environment. Novamobili adopted matt, water-based lacquers as a strategic asset. In fact, they were the first Italian company to have believed in this finish back in 2005. This choice reflects their determination to promote environmental sustainability and their commitment to create a harmless product that protects the health of all their users.