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  • Luxury Joe Sofa by Verzelloni, Italy sold by Abitalia South Coast based in Poole, Dorset
  • Luxury Joe Sofa by Verzelloni, Italy sold by Abitalia South Coast based in Poole, Dorset
  • Luxury Joe Sofa by Verzelloni, Italy sold by Abitalia South Coast based in Poole, Dorset

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  • The Joe Sofa by Verzelloni is a module system with special modularity features. The Luxury Joe is available in two backrest heights: High version (H. 83 cm) consisting of ten items of various depths and widths, and Low version (H. 68 cm) consisting of ten items. The system is completed by six poufs of various sizes. The High version provides a high comfort level and allows resting the head. The special feature of this modular unit is the possibility of matching the various modules not only on the sides, but also on the front (side with front), as the size of each side is also available as front size. Although it is possible to put directly High and Low items side by side, a slight difference in the internal profile of the backrest should be considered, while it is perfectly aligned externally. Therefore, it is advisable to put poufs between High and Low items. This system allows countless possible combinations for personal use free from any conditioning. The line is marked by the soft down in internal padding, which creates a pleasant contrast with the intentionally lean and compact outside. A pleasant item is the side finish, which hides the zipper for easy and full removal of covers. Joe can be provided with an armrest with down cushion. The armrest can also be installed subsequently, at will and on all items, through its practical hooking system, which allows its positioning on the right and left. The armrest can also be obtained with tables Jules and Jim, which have been specifically created as supports; if they are provided with armrest cushions, they provide a comfortable support. Practical hooks allow assembling all modules of the Joe system, based on the composition to be obtained. Joe can be provided with small down cushions 40×60 cm (standard only in the High XL version) or 40×40 cm.

  • The Joe Sofa is available in a variation of colours and finishings. Please speak to one of our designers to discuss further details or request information.

    A PDF document obtaining full dimensions, colour variations and fabrics can be emailed upon request! 

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    6 - 8 weeks. Delivery is included to site, however please contact us regarding delivery, as charges may apply for smaller products. 

    For further details regarding the Verzelloni collections or to speak to one of our designers, please contact us directly via tel: +44 (0)1202 618155 or email us to arrange a visit to our studio based in Poole, Dorset.

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